Hope beyond


Our hearts break
guts wrench
minds fragment

as life as we know it
or want it to be
breaks some basic law of fairness
shatters any notion of control
stops our life dead in its tracks

The destruction of any life
is hard to bear
yet now is our agency pulled into the inhospitable wasteland
until readily met in our harrowed home
by so kindly a light
and gentle hand
we begin to make our journey onward

Gabrielle Cheung

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catching fall


Catching fall is the colour and shape of reality

in my flesh-and-blood

even tho’ I have to say I do not

inhabit such brightness and beauty

yet, from some unknown

did flow out thro’ mine own hand

fleshy eye diving like a fish in the swirling ocean

bars and logs counter poised for nothing to fall away

whilst above soft closed eye in rest

she sleeps…

painful reality to behold and be held in silence

Someone, Something Other is holding all

More, is catching fall and brightly


Gabrielle Cheung





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Upon rising

New shoots are pressing thro’

without much warning

green and fresh

life returning after dark

change has pushed thro’ change

and is pressing forth more

unbidden and unhaltable

silent, inching juggernaut

to which our weary eyes might close

and failing limbs lie down awhile…

Yet, there is something in this rising

which causes emerald blades

to pierce the waiting earth

most strikingly

double-edged thro’ our troubled hearts

I smell the hint of smoored fire

in an instant of crisp air

and even with closed eyes

I know that change is pressing

and fresh goodness is very near.

Gabrielle Cheung


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Whence someone new

Every so often
everything comes together
converges to a single point
and from that emerges the singular new thing
built secretly over time
appearing in time and space
as a miracle and catches your eye

Each instance of your life and person
as truth be made known anew
if not to yourself
yet to others, the world and angels

Yet, what to do in the times of obscurity and difficulty?
How to be and which way to let reflect?
That is where I find myself
and wish to know again
the freshness of spring
and feel its pattern under my skin

I feel old these days
the burning out of an ancient star

distanced from everything

Still do I long for creativity
to wash me thro’
and appear as someone new


Gabrielle Cheung

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The timeliness of things

End of something

don’t know what exactly

like threshing I guess

when all us up for grabs…

who am I? what am I about?

what do I want? what can I tolerate?

what don’t I really care that much about?

who and what are priorities at the moment?

where are we? who are we together?

Go where the love is

Go where the joy is

Follow the pull

Go where your heart, mind and soul

go together all-of-a-piece

Trust in the going

and in the timeliness of things.


Gabrielle Cheung

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We shine as diamond

O see the need

and respond at once
with body intelligence, with heart intelligence and mind intelligence…

How lovely
the brightness of my body
the glowing light of my heart
the sheer clarity of my mind
like the sun do they burn as one
See, how this diamond shines!
Catching light on her many faces, surfaces and edges.
See, how brilliant she is
seated still in the light of otherness
and O, how beautiful!
She is the gorgeous centrepiece
of life’s crown and rightly so
for she alights and loves the whole world,
in you and I,
with such truth,
a ravishingly pure
knowing and understanding

Gabrielle Cheung

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Inspiring fresh fields of old

There is a magical moment

upon the threshing floor

when everything is up for grabs!

Eyes lift in wonder

at the ripe wheat



high above the winnowing fan

and in this moment,


where chaff and grain fly together!

Now, can we move thro’  our fields

savouring golden goodness

with our feet gathering no dust

~ that is, clinging to nothing

of thoughts, events, people and stuff

whilst holding fast and tending all

with passion, honour and tenderness ~

So do the fresh fields

streaming alight

fall at the winnower’s feet

for good.


Gabrielle Cheung







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To fall in love with gratitude

Like charting stars

as they appear

across the night sky

has been my delight

and each a beautiful diamond

with which to fall in love!

How lucky, how blessed

to have loved many times

and to have held so many

and still hold all

with deep love and gratitude

shining in my heart.


Gabrielle Cheung 

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Finding myself asking again


Do I actually see ?

Person, whole thing, happening process?

Do I believe that I am shifting, changing,

and going onward?

Growing, moving into being

free, fresh, expansive?

Trusting implicitly, quietly,

into the wholeness of it all?

“How does that grab You?

Does the inkling intrigue You?

Do you feel its tugging beneath Your skin?

Is it gripping You and pulling You inside out?”

If I let it ask again

right now

this life might just shift me

onto its wild and beautiful course

and I just might grasp it

I would!

as I would the tail of a kite!

and so Love what I truly love


Gabrielle Cheung 



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sweet mortal coil

Just beneath the surface

yet deep between the skins

of our old and new

waits the growing space
and presently flows the grace

we need the fluidity
of such love and goodwill
to edge gently within
between our skin
secretly as it mostly is
to create space
and to freely shuffle off

See how she moves
dark snake beautiful
within herself ~
freeing all manner of things
for fresh goodness


Gabrielle Cheung

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