The timeliness of things

End of something

don’t know what exactly

like threshing I guess

when all us up for grabs…

who am I? what am I about?

what do I want? what can I tolerate?

what don’t I really care that much about?

who and what are priorities at the moment?

where are we? who are we together?

Go where the love is

Go where the joy is

Follow the pull

Go where your heart, mind and soul

go together all-of-a-piece

Trust in the going

and in the timeliness of things.


Gabrielle Cheung

About somethingof

Anamcara. I contemplate the Mystery of being here. What touches and moves me. What I experience within and without. I write something of contemplation, presence, connection and oneness, suffering and loss, healing and hope, our world and universe unfolding. Thankyou for looking thro' this window with me. I hope there are resonances for you. In friendship, Gabrielle Cheung
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